Archive | March, 2014

Ember interview with Tom Dale, a Robust Framework | Episode 003

On this episode I interview Tom Dale, who helped create Ember.js about how Ember differentiates itself from other frameworks with a robust router as well as what’s going on with Ember.Data. This is front-end developer cast episode 3. Tom Dale helped create Ember.js which has rapidly been gaining momentum in the ongoing JavaScript MVC debate […]

JavaScript Frameworks | How to Learn Them Quickly

The key to quickly learning JavaScript MV* Frameworks is to break them down into a series of features. The main features of an MV* application are routing, data binding, templates/views, models, and data storage. In this post I’ll describe these main features and show code examples from two or three frameworks for each feature. You […]

Evolution of JavaScript MVC: AngularJS and Backbone | Front-End Developer Cast Episode 2

On this episode I interview Brian Genisio, AngularJS and Backbone expert about the evolution of JavaScript MVC Frameworks and his experiences coming from building Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with Flex and Silverlight into the JavaScript single-page application world.  This is front-end developer cast episode 2. To subscribe to the podcast, please use the links below: […]