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Seeing through the Matrix of JavaScript MV* Frameworks

I recently visited the JavaScript meetup in Southeast Michigan (met some great people) and gave a talk on AngularJS, Backbone, and Ember. They were nice enough to get video of the presentation so I wanted to share it. Please up-vote the video if you like it. Thanks! Learning your first programming language takes awhile. Your […]

UI-Router: Why many developers don’t use AngularJS’s built-in router

AngularJS is an amazing JavaScript framework for building rich client-side applications but the truth is many developers don’t use the built-in router. They instead use the AngularUI project’s UI-Router because it has two important features: multiple views and nested views. This article explains these features and why they are important and shows you a real-world […]

Web Design Tips for Developers | Episode 8

Jarrod Drysdale and I discuss web design tips for developers so your applications can look professional even if you don’t have the budget to hire a designer. Topics include the 20% of tips that will get you 80% of the results including alignment, spacing, colors, fonts, graphics and navigation. To subscribe to the podcast, please […]

Learning AngularJS: The AngularJS learning curve | Episode 7

Sean Fioritto and I discuss the AngularJS learning curve and why he thinks it’s so nasty and how he goes about making it easier to learn.  We also discuss “Angular in the Enterprise” and why he thinks AngularJS is great when you are dealing with large enterprise code bases. To subscribe to the podcast, please use the […]

Web Application Makeover: How to use custom fonts and @font-face | Episode 6

Chris Coyier and I discuss how to use custom fonts and @font-face to makeover your web application or site.  Chris and I also discuss “What is a front-end developer” and contrast his project with and Chris has worked for large scale web apps like SurveyMonkey and design focused startups like Wufoo. He […]

Using AngularJS to build a Portal with Brian Woodward| Episode 5

On this episode Brian Woodward describes his experience building his first application with AngularJS.  This is front-end developer cast episode 5. Today’s interview is with Brian Woodward and was recorded a half a year ago now and focuses on his early experiences with AngularJS and is very valuable.  He also mentions his open source project […]

React.js and How Does It Fit In With Everything Else?

Introduction A few weeks ago I launched my book the JavaScript Framework Guide which focuses on helping developers and designers confidently choose and quickly learn the JavaScript MVC Frameworks: AngularJS, Backbone, and Ember. As part of my launch, I did a live Hangout Q&A on JavaScript MVC Frameworks and a talk at my local JavaScript […]

Using AngularJS at Google with Rhys Bret Bowen | Front-End Developer Cast Episode 4

On this episode I interview Rhys Bret-Bowen, Google Engineer, about using AngularJS to build applications for Google.  This is front-end developer cast episode 4. This interview is with Rhys Bret-Bowen who is a Google Engineer currently using AngularJS to build applications for Google.  We discuss his experiences good and bad with AngularJS and talk about details of […]

JavaScript Frameworks | How to Learn Them Quickly

The key to quickly learning JavaScript MV* Frameworks is to break them down into a series of features. The main features of an MV* application are routing, data binding, templates/views, models, and data storage. In this post I’ll describe these main features and show code examples from two or three frameworks for each feature. You […]

Evolution of JavaScript MVC: AngularJS and Backbone | Front-End Developer Cast Episode 2

On this episode I interview Brian Genisio, AngularJS and Backbone expert about the evolution of JavaScript MVC Frameworks and his experiences coming from building Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with Flex and Silverlight into the JavaScript single-page application world.  This is front-end developer cast episode 2. To subscribe to the podcast, please use the links below: […]